Wealthier Women Get More Melanoma, Study Finds


“We think this has to do with cultural preferences in higher-income groups for tanning, having the time to tan and the means to pay for tanning beds, and sun exposure on vacations in the middle of winter,” said Christina A. Clarke, senior author of the paper.

The correlation between tanning and its negative effects on skin is something I see every day. I tell my patients that the only safe way to tan is to apply bronzer, and to religiously apply sun block every day. Tanning beds are especially dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Even the most ardent sun-worshippers among my patients are learning to love bronzer, and if applied after a good exfoliation using AHA Body Smoothing Lotion, it goes on smoothly and evenly for great results.

Is Happiness Overrated?


A recent study in the Wall Street Journal raised the question: Is happiness overrated? In my experience I have found we’re a culture that imagines and embraces possibility. What if we could look better than we ever have- or ever thought we could- and still remain true to ourselves? In over twenty years practicing as a plastic surgeon, I’ve met hundreds of women and men who come to my office wanting to change something. The effect their appearance has on their self-confidence is more than skin deep; it has enormous impact on their emotional health, the quality of their lives, and their future outlook.

 In my book  Change Your Looks, Change Your Life: Quick Fixes and Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Looking Younger, Feeling Healthier, and Living Better- I discuss how cosmetic surgery patients, after their procedures, change their approach to physical well-being, and this sets off a positive domino effect that improves their mind-set, too. When a patient sees a difference to her jawline or waistline, she becomes more motivated to take care of herself. How we feel about ourselves has as much impact on our overall well-being as does eating right, exercising regularly, and lowering the toxic stress levels of our jobs, relationships, and bad habits.

After surgery, patients are likely to create a different look for themselves- new wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup- which, in turn, emboldens them to take important life steps such as switching careers, or beginning a new relationship, or simply feeling confident about how they look when they walk into a room. I call this happy phenomenon cosmetic wellness.

Quick fixes today can save downtime tomorrow

An article published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday discussed the current trend towards patients opting for minimally invasive quick fixes.  As a plastic surgeon I have never been wed to one way of making people look better and have  been an advocate of options other than surgery that require no downtime. With more people continuing to work during this tough economy, looking younger has become a priority in order to compete. Change your Looks, Change your Life: Quick Fixes and Cosmetic Solutions for Looking Younger, Feeling Healthier, and Living Better details nonsurgical “lunchtime fixes” such as botox injections, light-laser treatments, and collagen injections, as well as creams to banish wrinkles and improve appearance without recovery time.  In office skin treatments, often done at lunch-time like  Thermage, a non invasive, no incision treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to tighten existing collagen and stimulates new collagen, fillers and injectables can  can give you that natural lift so people don’t say who are you, but that you look more rested.

The most popular quick fix? Botox. As fillers and quick fixes go, Botox (or botulinum toxin, a product of bacteria) is one of the best things around. It can have a profound effect on the face, especially on fine wrinkles. It can eliminate a young mother’s perpetually angry scowl, or a reformed sun-worshipper’s crow’s feet.

In The Beautiful Skin Workout I discuss a skin care routine  that can give you beautiful skin in 8 weeks.   Looking and feeling younger starts with a skin care regimen of topical anti-aging treatments designed to reverse the aging process and help your skin regain its elasticity and glow. My breakthrough Rewind Age Defying Formula, a powerful blend of anti-aging ingredients helps your skin become  firmer and more radiant.

The effect your appearance has on your self-confidence is more than skin deep; it has enormous impact on their emotional health, the quality of their lives, and their future outlook.

Before and after Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense
Before and after Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense

The Wall Street Journal on the Lingering Myths about Tanning

Wall Street Journal illustration
Wall Street Journal illustration

An article in the Wall Street Journal today discusses why we are still drawn to the sun even though the evidence of the harmful effects of sun exposure has been well known for many years. Research showing the value of Vitamin D is often used to dismiss the dangers of UV rays, but as the article points out, there are other sources of Vitamin D, and any benefits, such as fighting depression, are not tradeoffs when weighed against skin cancer.

Sunbathing is never ok.  You just can’t do it.  Still, there are people who like a little color in their skin.  Self-tanning is the only safe method for achieving a dark,deep skin tone. Remember, the fountain of youth is neither exclusive nor difficult to find; it is sitting on  your shelf.  Sun exposure, unlike  your genetic code, is controllable.   Make sure you always have sunglasses, a hat and sunblock when you go out. I always tell my patients that the only safe tan is from a bottle. Use an SPF product every day for protection and use bronzer when you want a sun-kissed glow. For best results, use AHA Body Smoothing Cream to exfoliate your skin so that the bronzer can be applied evenly (be careful not to use AHA if you are going to be out in the sun a lot.) And use Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 or my SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sunblock when you are out in the sun.  See our special offer: all SPF products are Buy One, Get One Free through May 9.