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Jul 10 2014

Skin Care on the go

Summer weekends are getaway days and it’s best to travel light.  We have the perfect size travel  kits to make keeping up with skin care easy. Perfect for travel or for keeping on hand wherever you may go this summer – beach house, country house, camping. Our travel kit comes in airline approved sizes and has the basics: Daily Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30, Daily Toner, and AHA Face Cream. Did you know that most of Dr Copeland’s products come in convenient travel sizes as well as full size for extra value – and our Buy One, Get One Free sale is a great time to stock up!

Travel Sized Kit

Jul 09 2014

BOGO is here

Daily Cleanser? Rewind Reparative Night Serum ? Rewind Eye Formula? – check your list and make sure to stock up during our Buy One, Get One Free Special!

Jul 03 2014

Help your hair this summer!


Hair and scalp care are often overlooked as an important part of looking younger and healthier. The summer is especially hard on hair: swimming in pools, swimming in salt water, and the sun all take a toll and can result in dull, thinning hair. Many patients ask me for recommendations about hair loss treatments, and that’s why I developed a shampoo and conditioner to help restore hair damaged by processing and aging.

Most shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals like dyes, parabens, silicone, and acrylites, which can damage your hair after frequent use. Myproducts are perfume free and allergy tested, and use an innovative blend of restorative ingredients, including Lavender Oil and Coconut Water to make hair look fuller and thicker, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to soothe and moisturize the scalp. Additionally, anti-oxidants, such as Avocado Extract and Oleanolic Acid, provide intense nourishment while also protecting hair from the damaging effects of the sun. Visible results are often seen in just a few weeks.


Jun 30 2014

Don’t forget to take care of your hands!

Many of my patients diligently apply sunscreen  to their faces  every day – but when I ask whether they remember to put it on their hands, the answers aren’t as emphatic. Your hands, like your face, are exposed to the sun and sun damage can be particularly bothersome on the hands. A  mottled, liver-spotted hand can add years to your appearance, but fortunately there are some effective ways of rejuvenating your hands.

To improve or eliminate these spots, start with   applying daily sunblock, of course, but did you know that  daily light exfoliation with the AHA Body Smoothing Lotion and  twice weekly  with Microdermabrasion Formula can help improve the appearance of your hands.  Pigment blockers are also effective – if you use a combination of AHA Cream and Pigment Formula daily you should see improvement within 4-6 weeks.

Spot removal lasers work by vaporizing pigment in the skin. The lasers cause little discomfort but can result in some scabbing that heal within a few days. Autologous fat transfer and fillers like Juvederm  may also be used to smooth out skin on the hands, especially around veins.

And remember, sunscreen on your hands, face (and all exposed skin) every day!

Before and after pictures

Jun 24 2014

Slimming success with Zerona

With so many options for body slimming, why is it important to Choose the Right ZERONA Provider?

Choosing the right doctor is a very important decision. Yet, many people take more time to compare the quality and price of their next car than they do to select a quality physician. How do you find the right provider? For most people it’s a referral from a friend or family member that they trust. For others, it’s a game of chance to find one that will meet their needs, is priced reasonably and ensures top quality service is delivered.

When you or a family member decides to take the next steps to transform your body by losing inches of fat from the hips, waist and thighs, you want a highly qualified provider dedicated to providing outstanding service. When you choose a provider who is ZERONA licensed and certified you can be confident he or she:

  • Is knowledgeable of the latest technology
  • Up to date with new training protocols
  • Completed and passed the ZERONA certification test

Licensed and certification goes above and beyond the standard, ensuring patients get the best service and are happy with the results.

A History of High Standards

ZERONA was FDA Cleared 510 (k) for the safe and effective circumferential reduction of the hips, waist, and thighs in 2010 and for the upper arms in 2012.

Since then, Zerona has been certifying providers to help assure patients that these providers are qualified to provide expert care. To become licensed and certified, a provider must pass ZERONA certification tests, along with on-going training on the latest techniques to ensure patients are satisfied with their results.

Is your ZERONA Provider Licensed and Certified?

Dr. Copeland is one of the first physicians to offer Zerona in the NYC area, and has had consistent success, with patients losing an average of 3 to 5.5 inches after six treatments.

Jun 20 2014

Embarrassed to wear shorts or sandals this summer because of “cankles”


There is still time to look how you want to look this summer. Take control: Here’s what one 38 year old patient had to say:
“People are asking me if I have lost weight.  I guess it’s because I now feel comfortable wearing a skirt, something I never did before the surgery.   I just love the shape of my ankles and calves.  I  had been to several other doctors before coming to Dr. Copeland and no one had her experience and expertise.  I am so happy I decided to have this surgery.”

Before and after photo of liposuction

Cankles refers to the area where the calf and ankle meet. This can be a frustrating area for some women who are genetically predisposed to have more fat in their legs and ankles. In many cases, diet and exercise can not eliminate fat from this area and it is not possible to achieve definition between the calf and ankle. I re-sculpt the area by using a combination of liposuction procedures, including fine laser beams (Smart Lipo) and cannulas that allow fat to be removed through very small incisions providing improved contour to the ankles and calves. This is a more complex liposuction technique which should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs this procedure frequently. The procedure is performed under twilight anesthesia and patients are walking within a few hours.

Dr. Copeland demonstrates this procedure while the patient discusses how his life has changed for the better thanks to Dr. Copeland.

Ankle Lipo with Dr. Michelle Copeland

Jun 10 2014

Great products, free samples


Basic Regimen Free Sample

Have you ordered your free samples? We’ve introduced free samples of some of my most popular products. It’s a great way to try a new product or introduce a friend to your favorite products. And, you’ll continue to receive special discount offers once you’re signed up. So spread the love and share the secret of beautiful skin with your friends.  Limit 3 samples per household. There is a $4.95 shipping and handling fee on orders containing samples. For a limited time.

May 27 2014

Grateful patient talks about successful skin cancer treatment

It’s always great to get positive feedback from patients. In this case, I was able to successfully treat a patient who had developed skin cancer on her nose. Patients are often terrified when they learn that skin cancer treatment will include potentially disfiguring surgery. Fortunately, in the right hands a happy outcome is possible:

“I am writing to thank you for taking me as your patient.  I am very fortunate to have been treated by such a highly regarded physician as yourself and being in your care has given me a great peace of mind.  I would also like to thank your staff for making me feel at ease before and during the procedure. My wound has healed and shows no sign of treatment!  Thank you for that.”

May 21 2014

Brides-to-be seek hand lifts for engagement ring selfies.

Shape .com reports that Brides-to-be are seeking ways to improve the appearance of their hands before they post selfies to show off their new engagement ring.

 Shape Your Life Blog

Hands can be the telltale sign of aging. Sun and age spots form not only on the face, but are particularly pesky on the hands. Lots of patients come to me for treatment of their hands, because even if  your face looks youthful, a mottled, liver-spotted hand can add years to your appearance.

To improve or eliminate these spots, we start with exfoliation techniques such as daily light exfoliation with the AHA Body Smoothing Lotion and  twice weekly  with Microdermabrasion Formula.  Pigment blockers are also effective – if you use a combination of AHA Cream and Pigment Formula daily you should see improvement within 4-6 weeks. Also, apply sunblock to your hands every day.

Spot removal lasers work by vaporizing pigment in the skin. The lasers cause little discomfort but can result in some scabbing but that will clear up within a few days. Autologous fat transfer and fillers like Juvederm  may also be used to smooth out skin on the hands, especially around veins.

Before and after pictures

May 12 2014

The first step to beautiful skin – New & Improved Daily Cleanser with Lavender and Aloe

It’s always good to re-evaluate your skin care routine and make sure the basics are covered. First, take a moment to really examine your skin – check for signs of aging, sun-damage, and other skin imperfections caused by your lifestyle to evaluate your skin care needs. Now is the time to adopt skin-healthy lifestyle habits such as adequate sleep, nutritious diet and exercise. Avoid smoking, drinking, and exhaustion as all of these can lead to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

The first healthy skin care habit to kick off the New Year is to wash your skin nightly. Over the course of the day, your skin is exposed to pollution and acne-causing bacteria that builds up on your face. If you fall asleep with your  makeup still on, it can clog your pores, leading to breakouts, irritation, and dryness. The first step starts with cleansing – resolve to make it to the bathroom sink every single night to wash and moisturize before bedtime. A fresh face before going to sleep will give your skin a chance to renew itself and look younger. My New and Improved Daily Cleanser is a non-drying formula that is ideal for ridding the face of dirt and bacteria before bedtime. The cleanser is gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area but strong enough to remove pore-clogging pollutants and makeup. Available for a limited time at an introductory price.

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