Rewind the Curse of Tired Eyes

Are you doing too much? Too many things to handle? Appointments and meetings have you going crazy? Doesn’t it always seems like everything  going on around you has precedence over taking care of yourself first? Your skin can tell.

We know that taking care of yourself is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Schedule time for you and start by using our Rewind Eye Formula helps erase the stresses of daily life.

Wake up feeling great and looking even better. Our perfectly blended ingredients leave your face feeling refreshed and youthful. It contains Argireline and Biopeptide (pentapeptide) for maximal wrinkle reduction and firming. It also helps erases fine lines and wrinkles and even plumps up your cheeks all while you sleep. I suggest applying this formula both day and night. Results are immediate.

If you don’t believe me, or you just have to try for yourself, I am offering a 30% discount all this week on the Rewind Eye Formula. It helps reduce puffiness and dark circles from the eyes. I know how hectic life is, and I would love to help you erase the fine lines with this special formula.

Give it a try, at the very least to see why so many other woman are raving about it. Link to testimonial


Summer is here, Are you ready?

Summer is finally here and heat, humidity and sunshine will be knocking on your door delivering dry skin, age spots and wrinkles.  Don’t let these potential downers ruin your fun in the sun.  Now is the perfect time to start a summer skin care regimen.
Brown spots, age spots, and sun spots, also known as liver spots, can make people look older than they really are. These spots can appear on people younger than 40, but are more common in our 40s and up.

So what should you do if you have brown spots? First, prevention! Keep your skin healthy and protected with a good sunscreen. Second, treat the spots. Pigment Formula, applied daily after exfoliating with AHA Face Cream, can help reduce brown spots. For further treatment, in-office laser treatments can help.

Hair also takes a beating during the summer.  Swimming in pools, swimming in salt water, and the sun all take a toll and can result in dull, thinning hair. Many patients ask me for recommendations about hair loss treatments, and that’s why I developed a shampoo and conditioner to help restore hair damaged by processing and aging.

Most shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals like dyes, parabens, silicone, and acrylites, which can damage your hair after frequent use. My hair products are formulated to be gentle.  They do not contain dyes, parabens, and acrylites and are perfume free, allergy tested and color safe and use an innovative blend of restorative ingredients, including Lavender Oil and Coconut Water to make hair look fuller and thicker, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to soothe and moisturize the scalp. Additionally, anti-oxidants, such as Avocado Extract and Oleanolic Acid, provide intense nourishment while also protecting hair from the damaging effects of the sun. Visible results are often seen in just a few weeks.

Tips for dealing with rosacea in the summer

16 million Americans suffer from rosacea and many report that symptoms worsen in the summer months. Redness, rashy bumps and visible blood vessels are all signs of rosacea and can be aggravated by heat. Cooling off quickly will help, as will shield skin from the sun. Make sure to use fragrance-free sunscreen, such as SPF-40 Lotion Mist, and wear a hat. Products with aloe can help reduce inflammation, as can tracking your triggers to see what leads to flare-ups. The National Rosacea Society has a Rosacea Diary Form that can help find patterns.

Skin care products in our Rosacea Rescue Kits offer a two-step treatment: The first step is to improve the general health of the skin with specific cleansing, toning and moisturizing thus helping rosacea withstand progression. The second step is to address the redness itself with specialized treatments. Through prevention and treatment, rosacea sufferers can help keep flare ups to a minimum even during the summer months.


Time for feet to come out of hibernation!

With the warm weather month’s approaching, its time to take your feet out of hibernation. To keep your feet fit and feeling great, give them the moisturizing and TLC they need. For rough skin on heels, use Microdermabrasion Formula or Honey Almond Scrub once or twice per week. For daily  use, try AHA Skin Smoothing Lotion  it’s a good product to exfoliate and keep skin moist.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen – feet are often exposed even when you’ve covered up the rest of your body.

Reduce Wrinkles With Exercise

It’s hardly news that exercise is great for your health, but did you know it’s also good for your skin! A new study from McMaster University in Ontario reported improvements in people who started exercising later in life. As we get older, skin loses its elasticity and luster, resulting in the inevitable wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging. The researchers observed lab mice that exercise could prolong and even undo aging’s effects. Those  mice that frequented the running wheel maintained healthy brains, hearts, muscles, reproductive organs and didn’t gray.


To confirm the theory, the scientists took volunteers ages 20 to 84, half of whom were active (engaging in at least three hours of moderate or vigorous physical activity every week), and half of whom were sedentary, only exercising for less than an hour per week.


Tarnopolsky and colleagues conducted the study in a way that would rule out any other factors as the deciding cause for these positive changes. Seniors over age 65 who indulged in moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day over a three-month period had skin similar to 20- to 40-year-olds, biopsy results proved.


So now we have yet another good reason to exercise.  Of course, if you are exercising outdoors make sure you use plenty of sunblock. SPF-40 Lotion Mist

Rewind Eye to the rescue for spring allergies!

Got this email from one of my patients:

“I’ve always loved your products but want to let you know that your Rewind Eye Cream has been a lifesaver the past few days. My eyes have been so itchy and red and puffy from allergies, but after eye drops I’ve been using your Eye Cream to soothe the area around my eyes. The puffiness and dark circles have gotten better and I am much more comfortable.”

Spring allergies can irritate the eyes, and while there are OTC remedies for itching and tearing, many of my patients get “allergy shiners” – puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.  I recommend using Rewind Eye Formula andAgeless Skin Under Eye Concealer to help decrease swelling and eliminate dark circles.  Both products are effective at treating the delicate eye area.

The concealer is unique because it not only gives the eyes a lift by covering dark circles but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It’s formulated to go on smoothly and doesn’t cake or flake after application. This 1-2 combination will help you get through pollen season and will improve the skin around your eyes throughout the year.

Rewind Eye Formula

Ingredient spotlight: Cucumbers

Cucumber extract is an ingredient found in my products, such as Pigment Formula and SPF-40 Lotion Mist, because it has many soothing and regenerative qualities. It’s also a great addition to a healthy diet that will help you achieve beautiful skin. Cucumbers are incredibly low in calories and carbs, and have no fat, cholesterol or sodium. They are high in fiber and provide vitamins A, C, K, B6, folate and thiamin and several essential minerals, including zinc and potassium. Cucumbers are perfect for a summer salad and great for your skin.

Dr. Copeland Skin Care gets a Chic Critique

We’ve invited Cita, a beauty blogger from Chic Critique to try some of our products, and a few weeks into the trial, she reports that things are going  well. Here is her first post, which outlines her interest in acne treatments. Cita makes a good point about my Advanced Acne Solution, which is formulated to be very strong without drying. It is helpful to apply it by spraying it onto a cotton ball and then applying to your skin

If you have a beauty or skin care blog and are interested in our products, please send us a link at

The Healthy Way to Tan

We all know that tanned skin is unhealthy skin, yet it’s hard to resist the glow that a little sunshine gives the skin. Did you know that it’s possible to have a healthy glow without exposing yourself to harmful cancerous UV rays with my Sunless Tanning Bronzer? It is the only sunless tanning product with SPF-15, antioxidants and vitamins to leave your skin smooth and supple. You can achieve radiant skin within an hour that will last approximately one week.  For best results, first exfoliate the skin with AHA Body Smoothing Lotion and then apply the Sunless Tanning Bronzer. Your friends will wonder where you got your golden glow and you’ll have the benefits of a winter tan without the risks.

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