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Oct 18 2010

Support Children’s Rights

Children’s Rights is a national advocacy group dedicated to has been fighting to reform child welfare systems on behalf of hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children.

Dr. Copeland Skin Care supports Children’s Rights and is participating in the  FIFTH ANNUAL CHILDREN’S RIGHTS BENEFIT tomorrow night at the Plaza, honoring Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and hosted by Governor Jon Corzine.

Bid on a basket of Dr. Copeland Skin Care to support Children’s Rights or buy tickets to tomorrow’s gala event.

Children's Rights Benefit 2010

Jun 01 2010

Celebrating Central Park

We are pleased to participate once again in the Central Park Conservancy’s Taste of Summer. Tomorrow night, over 1,000 Central Park-lovers will gather for an evening under the stars featuring good food, entertainment and company. Tickets are available by emailing or calling 212-310-6619. A basket full of Dr. Copeland Skin Care products will be featured in the silent auction, and look for some of your favorite products in the gift bag. All proceeds go to the Central Park Conservancy’s effort to maintain a beautiful Central Park.


Feb 05 2010

Why we are supporting Go Red for Women today at

This news report on the Go Red campaign sums up the need to create awareness of cardiac health for women – and is why I’m donating 10% of all sales TODAY to the cause.


Heart disease kills one woman every minute, and the National Go Red Campaign is aiming to change that on Friday. The American Heart Association wants all women to spread the word about this common killer and inspire action. The yearly Go Red Campaign is aimed at raising women’s awareness of the illness, and the numbers are staggering. More women die of heart disease than the next five causes of death combined – and that includes all forms of cancer – but, surprisingly, most women don’t believe they’re at risk. “Women need to know that they have a one in three chance of dying of a heart attack,” Dr. Lori Croft, of The Mount Sinai Medical Center, said. “Sometimes they’ll get jaw pain, or neck pain, or they’ll just feel fatigued or slightly short of breath – they don’t get the classic elephant sitting on their chest,” Dr. Croft said.


Jan 20 2010

New PictureCardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S. – more than all forms of cancer combined. However, this does not have to be the case. Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s national call to increase awareness of heart disease and to inspire women to take charge of their heart health. Thanks to the Go Red for Women movement, the American Heart Association is challenging women to know their risk for heart disease and to take action to live longer, heart-healthy lives. 

I am privileged to serve on the  Executive Committee for the American Heart Association’s 2010 Go Red for Women Luncheon.  I am honored to be part of a worthwhile cause and would like to invite you to join me at the movement’s signature event – the New York City Go Red for Women Luncheon on February 26, 2009, at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. The luncheon is an opportunity for women and men to come together to raise awareness and funds to support heart – and stroke – related education and research. It’s an uplifting afternoon with a women’s empowerment panel discussion, wellness expo, networking session, silent auction and a community of individuals and companies working together to wipe out heart disease in women.

 The American Heart Association hopes to raise more than $850,000 to fund critical life-saving programs and create the tools and programs necessary for women to take positive action to reduce their risk and protect their health.  I am confident that together we can do great things for the American Heart Association. 

Please join me and other prominent leaders from the business, medical, scientific and academic communities in support of Go Red for Women.  For more information on how you can get involved, please visit

Dec 08 2009

Celebrating good causes today


This morning Dr. Copeland participated in the NYWA 2009 Star Breakfast, where Gloria Steinem presented Jane Fonda with the Elinor Guggenheimer Lifetime Achievement Award. The NYWA brings together women’s organizations under one umbrella to raise awareness in political, economic and cultural circles. Today’s breakfast at the NY Hilton was attended by over 700 women VIPs, who left with gift bags containing Dr. Copeland’s skin care   products.

Tonight’s agenda includes a stop at the Paige Gamble Atelier, where a private sale featuring Maggie Norris Couture is taking place to support Gabrielle’s Angels  Foundation for Cancer Research.

Dec 04 2009

Beauty inside and out

Last night I hosted a reception at my house to raise awareness for an important cause–Women’s Heart Health. It’s an issue I care passionately about and have supported enthusiastically for the past 13 years. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women–more than all the cancers combined–and women know too little about it’s warning signs and too little about how to prevent it. I encourage all of you to visit the American Heart Association’s web site to learn more. Go Red For Women!
Nov 05 2009

Supporting the Martha Stewart Center for Living Second Annual Gala Silent Auction

Tonight I’m supporting the Martha Stewart Center for Living Second Annual Gala Silent Auction. The Martha Stewart Center for Living (MSCL) serves to promote and facilitate access to health care resources for older adults and to enhance the public perception of aging.

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