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Are spray tans safe?

I certainly wouldn’t want to breathe in all those chemicals. I think that’s harmful. While I understand the desire for color, misting a large quantity of dye can’t be good: we don’t know the long-term effects of inhaling those tiny particles which were not formulated to be taken internally.  I really recommend against it and emphasize to my patients that the only safe way to “tan” is to use a bronzer

Skin care Q & A with Dr.Copeland

My pores are huge. How can I make them smaller?

Cleansing and toning will help minimize the appearance of your pores. They grow larger as we get older; it’s part of the natural aging process. Despite what you see in advertisements, pores are not valves that can be opened or closed. The holes do stretch, however, so if there is debris in one, it will be bigger. Empty the space of the large obstruction by washing your face, (not by picking) and the skin returns to its previous size. Excess sebum, which is an oily secretion, can also magnify pores. Regulating oil flow, which consistent cleansing, toning and exfoliating will do, helps the pores seem less noticeable. Using Clay Mask to draw dirt and oil out of large pores, particularly around the nose area will tighten your skin and absorb excess oil. The Clay Mask will leave your skin feeling purified and your pores minimized. I suggest using the mask once weekly if this is a concern of yours.

Skin care Q & A with Dr. Copeland


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 I have 4 brown age spots on my face.  I  am 58 yrs. old.  What is a good product to help this problem? 

Using an Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliating cream once or twice daily will gently exfoliate your skin without irritating or flaking. The AHA cream stimulates cell renewal, and contains Kojic acid, a potent pigment-reducing agent that helps even out skin tone.

After exfoliating, use the Pigment Formula, which efficiently helps reduce the appearance of brown spots, sun spots, and liver spots. Applied twice daily after the AHA cream, this powerful pigment lightening formula helps lighten skin discolorations, but be patient because it takes 6-8 weeks for brown pigment to fade.

You might also try using the Microdermabrasion Formula once a week before applying the AHA cream or Pigment Formula, for deep exfoliation which will help correct environmental damage.

Of course there are other steps to help improve your skin’s appearance, like daily use of Rewind Advanced Day Serum  loaded with hyaluronic acid and a powerful blend of anti-wrinkle ingredients to plump and brighten your skin.

The most important step to reducing the appearance of brown spots is sunblock. I recommend using the SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block to provide UVA/UVB ray protection and help prevent sun-induced damage. Following with a layer of sunblock after exfoliating and brightening will help reduce the activation of pigment cells, which will help your pigment reducer work more effectively.

Celebrate Earth Day!

earth-dayCelebrate Earth Day by adding an environmentally-friendly routine to your day: ride a bike to work, bring a mug for coffee, or use more efficient light bulbs. When we developed our Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense, we chose environmentally friendly packaging made from 100% recycled paper. This unique silicone-free serum contains a patent pending special combination of 12 anti-wrinkle and plumping ingredients to help diminish lines in minutes!

Dr. Copeland Quoted in Smart Money Magazine


Dr. Copeland was quoted in a Smart Money Magazine article today on the difference between me and women’s interest in beauty products. While more and more men are tuned into making themselves look and feel better, still growth has been slower than women because, “it’s partly because men simply aren’t as interested as women in beauty products”. You can read more on the article at: .

Has Real Housewives of New York Star Jill Zarin Had Plastic Surgery?











The latest buzz on the internet and magazines is what has Jill Zarin recently had done to her face? The popular Real Housewives of New York star has denies any plastic surgery, but recent photos show a much tighter and un-natural face. How much is too much?

As discussed in Change Your Looks, Change Your Life, Quick Fixes and Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Looking Younger, Feeling Healthier, and Living Better it is one thing to change an aspect of yourself that you don’t like, but it is another to look distorted from what is normal. A patient can come every year with a procedure in mind to improve their appearance, and that is OK. But if you are still never satisfied with what you look like  your results can completely change your look. When considering plastic surgery, the changes that you make to your face or body should still look natural, but give you that self-confidence boost. In short, you must know- realistically- what you are starting with, as well as what you want to look like when surgery is done.

Choosing a procedure to fix a long-term problem that has negatively affected how you feel about yourself and interact with the world- to my mind, that’s the definition of good mental health. There’s nothing “cosmetic” about that, or vain, or neurotic. It’s practical, constructive, forward-moving, pro-active, and self-affirming.

A small percentage of people are the cosmetic surgery “junkie”, the person who is impossible-to-satisfy. The cosmetic surgery junkie is constantly going for consultations about this body-part fix or that, then undergoing the procedure, then moving on to another fix, and another, and another.

There is no problem with a patient who, having enjoyed a great result on one part of the body, wants to enjoy that same great feeling about another. The fundamental difference between the cosmetic surgery junkie and the well-adjusted patient who undergoes several procedures, then, is that the former hovers in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction, whereas the latter is simply building one satisfaction on top of another. That’s healthy.