Beautiful Skin Without Empyting Your Wallet


Actress Demi Moore says she spends  $100,000 a year on skin care to maintain her youthful appearance. She certainly looks wonderful, but today, it is possible for everyone to have beautiful skin and without spending a fortune.  There’s a simple regimen I call The Beautiful Skin Workout (Eight Weeks to the Smoothest, Healthiest Skin of Your Life), which can not only undo skin injuries but also give your face and body the world-class luminescence you see in fashion magazines and television commercials. To get skin that’s radiant, fresh, and possibly better looking than it was ten or fifteen years ago, you need to put our largest organ on a “workout” routine.

The simple regimen starts your day with a Daily Cleanser that gently cleanses without clogging pores and leaves your skin silky and smooth. Next, condition the skin with a Daily Normalizing Toner, which restores the skin’s natural acid balance in a non-drying way. Rejuvenate the skin with AHA Face Cream, which is loaded with alpha hydroxyl acid and lipoic acid that helps reduce the appearance of tiny lines and wrinkles for healthy, glowing skin. The next step is to soften the skin with a Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30. Moisturizer promotes water absorption for naturally soft and supple skin and contains powerful antioxidants that don’t clog pores. Lastly, a Skin Hydrating Mist that contains highly purified water will maintain the moisture level of the skin and minimize signs of aging. Fast and easy, these simple steps will leave you with that youthful glow without emptying your wallet.

Lose that Excess Holiday Weight FAST!

200861405140254Bloated from all that Thanksgiving eating? Get rid of those extra inches off FAST and without downtime or surgery. Shed those pounds and look great for the holidays with ZERONA®! My patients are losing between 3.6 and 8 inches in 2 weeks and some have lost as much as 14 inches in just 4 weeks. Sounds amazing because it is! See a demonstration of ZERONA® and before and after photos.

 After just six 40 minute treatments you will see inches melt away. Best of all, there is no recovery or downtime so you can resume all your holiday activities immediately after each treatment.  We also provide you with a nutritional and exercise routine to make shedding inches even easier. You deserve to feel good for the holidays!

Prevent Rosacea Flare-ups During the Holidays


Affecting over 16 million Americans, Rosacea is a condition that causes a red-faced, acne-like appearance on the face. With Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, heavy eating and drinking (especially red wine) often cause flare-ups. What can you do to prevent flare ups? While limiting alcohol intake and high sodium, fatty foods can be beneficial,  following a daily skin care regimen  will help  your skin respond to holiday stresses.  Use a mild non-foaming Daily Cleanser will leave skin fresh and silky smooth. A Daily Toner will help shrink pores and firm skin, followed up AHA Face Cream, which exfoliates without irritating or flaking. Lastly, applying Pigment Formula loaded with zinc and vitamin E will reduce skin discolorations.

My combination  Skin Treatment helps smooth, tighten, and even out the skin. This non-surgical process involves a stacking method using microdermabrasion, NdYag laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Light Emitting Diode (LED) that work together to effectively smooth and tighten the skin. It is a quick procedure without associated flaking or downtime; you can even have it done on your lunch hour! You can keep your skin looking healthy and young during the busy holiday season.

Winter Is No Time to Slack on Sun Protection

skierFew things age skin quite so much as the sun. Every unprotected minute you spend outside is adding to your apparent age. Sun damage also increases fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and other more serious conditions, such as skin cancer.  And winter is no time to slack on sun protection.  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the sun can’t cook your skin.  According to a new study recently cited in The New York Times, scientists examining sun safety took multiple readings of UV radiation at high-altitude ski areas in western North America and found the UV index at a ski resort can potentially be as powerful as Waikiki on a bright sunny day. There can even be a lot of exposure to UV radiation on cloudy days. Skiers in the Northern Hemisphere get the highest exposure at midday, and during the late winter and early spring. In fact, there is absolutely no correlation between temperature and UV radiation, so it is vital to wear sun block every day whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Dr. Michelle Copeland’s SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block is the perfect high power, lightweight sun protection. This mist is the only high SPF protection in a spray-lotion form, containing soothing aloe and antioxidants for radiant skin. For even more sun protection, the Lip Protector with SPF provides a powerful blend of antioxidants to prevent chapping, cracking and dryness. Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care offers a line of products to protect against future sun damage, revitalize and repair sun-damaged skin, and achieve a healthy glow without the harmful effects of rays. For more sun care products and tips on maintaining healthy skin this winter visit

Want thick, full hair?

Did you know over 15% of women in the U.S. battle with excessive hair loss? And the numbers are  increasing  because of  all the chemical exposure to the scalp and hair with  over processing of hair with highlights and color treatments and  hair straightening.  Hormonal fluctuations  during menopause or post-pregnancy also play havoc on the hair and scalp and crash diets can increase hair loss as well.  

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner  can make an enormous difference in the health of your scalp and hair. Unlike many other hair treatments, Dr. Copeland’s hair treatments are formulated without harsh ingredients like dyes, parabens, and acrylites giving you a healthier and safer alternative all while stimulating hair growth and giving a visibly fuller, thicker appearance. They are perfume free, allergy tested and color safe. Hair Restorative Complex helps rewind the clock giving you healthier, thicker looking hair!

For topical treatments Rewind Revitalizing Treatment Shampoo and Rewind Revitalizing Treatment Conditioner is an innovative treatment, unlike typical specialty shampoos and conditioners, that uniquely combines the newest technological advance of Hair Restorative Complex and fortifying ingredients to combat damaged, thinning hair- visibly making hair appear thicker and fuller. Coconut Oil and Lactic Acid moisturize and nourish the scalp allowing hair to appear fuller, while Ginseng Root Extract along with Niacin and Apigenin encourage hair growth. Anti-oxidants provide intense nourishment and protect hair from damaging effects of the sun.


Before and after 2 weeks using Rewind Revitalizing Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner

Saluting the American Museum of Natural History

Dr. Copeland is a proud supporter of the American Museum of Natural History and will attend tonight’s Museum Gala. More than 500 guests are expected to attend this year’s dazzling ball. Following cocktails in the Roosevelt Rotunda, guests will enjoy a gourmet dinner and a performance by Sir Elton John in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Proceeds from the evening help support the Museum’s educational and scientific programming.


Look Good in Your Jeans

jeansIn last weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy a very petite patient mentioned that she wanted to enhance her buttocks. One of the doctors, Lexi Gray questioned why she would want to do such a thing. The patient fought back saying that all her life she has wanted to look good and feel comfortable when wearing jeans.

It is possible to achieve that Jennifer Lopez, sculpted buttock using your own specially prepared fat taken from another part of the body, such as the stomach or hips. Buttock augmentation with your own fat allows you to get a natural, more pleasing shape and contour by augmenting curves, correcting an imbalance or increasing size and prominence of the buttock. You also get the benefit of reducing another area of your body while you enhance your butt and all without implants, which can be painful. The technique is called autologous fat transfers and autologous simply means “your own.” And who doesn’t have a little fat to spare? It’s safe because it comes from you, so you can’t have a reaction to it. The procedure is quick and not particularly painful and can leave you looking and feeling great in your favorite jeans.

Keeping the Hands Looking Young

handsHands can be the telltale sign of aging.  With the holidays just around the corner here are some simple steps to make your hands look smooth and young when your adorn them with holiday jewels:

1) When you exfoliate and moisturize your face, make sure to apply to your hands too. And don’t forget your nails and cuticles.  The  AHA Body Smoothing Lotion improves not only the roughness but helps make the cuticles and nails sturdier.

2) Age spots are a particularly bothersome on hands, so in addition to regular exfoliation, target dark spots with Pigment Formula, with kojic acid and plant extracts of thyme and arbutin to inhibit melanin production.   Use this in combination with the microdermabrasion and AHA Body Smoothing Lotion  for smoother softer skin

3) Laser treatment can effectively, and almost instantly, take the darker brown spots away.

4) SPF40 Lotion Mist Sun Block should be used everyday to protect hands from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Would You Get Surgery to Get the Job?

blog pictureBeauty is in the eye of the Beholder, and that means it may be in the eye of your potential boss. Today on Good Morning America, a story featured women who believe they need plastic surgery to improve their chances for a job. Age bias and the pressure to look good is often felt most intensely in the workplace, especially in our youth-obsessed culture. Studies show that traditionally good-looking people are perceived as smarter than others, make more money, and are even 5 times more likely to be hired. The continuing influx of women, recent recession, and corporate downsizing is making work environments more competitive than ever, increasing pressure to look polished and youthful. As the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Beauty is better than all letters of recommendation.” Like it or not, looks matter.

And while going under the knife won’t guarantee employment, it can dramatically improve your looks and self-esteem. The effect your appearance has on your self-confidence is more than skin-deep; it has an enormous impact on your health, the quality of your life, and your future outlook. Of course none of us can control our age, but we can control our confidence, which is essential when searching for a job. Any way you look at it, appearing fresher, looking sharper, and feeling healthier will give you a better shot at keeping a job or getting one.  As one of my patients told me, “I feel that appearing well put together, energetic, and youthful earns people’s respect and attention, and ultimately gives me greater credibility. I am convinced that looks make you money, so I think of surgery as an investment. Plastic surgery isn’t about beauty. It’s about power.” By making subtle but important changes to your looks, cosmetic surgery is a valuable, low-risk investment in your future health, happiness, and well-being. (From my best-selling book Change Your Looks, Change Your Life, Quick Fixes and Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Looking Younger, Feeling Healthier, and Living Better.)