Read what Style Apothecary has to say about AHA Face Cream!

Style Apothecary reviewed my AHA Face Cream. Here’s what they had to say:

Just another in a long line of great and effective products from Dr. Michelle Copeland.  I had pretty much stayed away from AHA creams after a bad experience with one that irritated the heck out of my face – it felt so sore and almost sunburned after using.  So when I started with this AHA cream, I treaded lightly and only applied a small amount…  I should have known I had no need to worry. What this does to my skin is like what an exfoliater would do – except without the beads.  The cream just magically lifts off dead and lifeless skin leaving behind a fresh and glowing face that’s ready for moisturizer and makeup.  I apply it liberally, and It takes mere seconds to absorb into my skin.  The softness is incredible.  The AHA cream has also allowed me to alternate my use of Retin A. I like so much what the cream is doing that I can switch off and get the same level of effectiveness.  The AHA cream adds the added benefit of Vitamin A& E and Kojic Acid for brightening and evening your skintone.  There is a product in Dr. Copeland’s line for everyone – no matter what your skin issues are, she has you covered.  Highly recommend this product.

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Dr. Michelle Copeland's AHA Face Cream

Did Amy Winehouse get breast implants?

Amy Winhouse’s breasts look bigger! Star Magazine asked me if I thought she had undergone a breast augmentation. Here is the article:

The singer’s all-around life makeover since ditching drugs included substantial breast implants.

“There is a fullness that did not exist before, and the round shape is consistent with getting implants,” NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland tells Star.

But Dr. Copeland thinks Amy, 26, should’ve just said no, no, no.

“The size and shape of the breasts is too much for her thin frame,” Dr. Copeland says.

Still, Amy’s dad, Mitch, is a fan. He told a British TV show she’s been doing “Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well!”